Whether you're a busy bee juggling a 9-5, a super-mom handling the home front, or a student managing deadlines, I know you’re always on the prowl for that extra dash of income. I know for me, I have a full time job that I love but it definitely is not a high paying job (no one goes into education for the money!) but I am already stretched thin so to make extra money, getting a second job is mind numbing to even think about. I know MLM companies get a bad rep but I think that is mostly because there have been a few bad apples out there and they have ruined it for all the others. Today, we’re going to unravel the world of Nu Skin, one of the trending business opportunities for the skincare enthusiasts out there.

Dive Deep into Nu Skin Products

Review of MLM Company NuSkin

Nu Skin has made quite a buzz in the beauty sphere, and for good reason. Their product line isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling fantastic from the inside out. From their rejuvenating facial treatments to the ageLOC line aiming to target the sources of aging, there’s something for everyone. Imagine being able to use, love, and share these treasures while also pocketing some profits!

Nu Skin has tons of innovative products and they are backed by 40 years of scientific research. With over 20 premium brands and multiple products in each brand, there is something for everyone which makes it easy for independent distributors to share the products and make sales. It goes so much further than skincare products. 

There are wellness products including multiple vitamins and dietary supplements, there is liquid collagen and a gut health drink full of pre and post-biotics, hair care products, some beauty products, and of course, top of the line skincare. And then there is also their revolutionary beauty devices including the award winning LumiSpa.

When it comes to products, between the sheer number and variety of product offerings from Nu Skin and the fact that they deliver scientifically backed products that actually do what they say they will do, it makes it easy to share and sell the products. And if you are anything like me, you are going to fall in love with several of the products which makes it even easier to sell and promote. I can tell you my absolute favorites - I never go without my collagen, my gut feels so much better now that I use NuBiome every day, I love my LumiSpa, and I swear by my Uplifting Cream and what we affectionately refer to as "Botox Beads". Don't get me wrong, these are not the only products I use but these are the ones I think I would be in the fetal position without - no joke!

Step into the Shoes of Nu Skin Distributors

Embarking on the Nu Skin journey isn’t just about selling products; it’s about creating a legacy and community. As a Nu Skin distributor, you can host beauty brunches, share skincare routines, and even create fun, interactive social media sessions. Making money while mingling with fellow skincare aficionados? Yes, please! So, how do distributors make their money? Well, there are a couple of ways. The business model is primarily built a couple social sellers that active brand affiliates can share about on their main social media pages. These include: whitening toothpaste, self-tanner, firming cream, line corrector for the face, eye cream and the recently added eyelash serum. By sharing these products on social media, the goal is get a "bulk order" together that would allow the distributor to get wholesale price. Doing business this way requires the distributor to collect the money for orders, make the bulk order, and then get the products out to their customers once it has arrived. This is the best way to make the most profit. However, distributors can also choose to send customers to their website with a link and have them order from there.

Then there is also the beauty groups. With a beauty group, distributors can share any and all of Nu Skin's product line with preferred customers. You can also do special sales there for your VIPs so your preferred customers get a discounted price. The beauty group makes room for you to share other general encouragement and helps you form that bond with your customers that will make you more successful as well. This is where we provide value to our customers. This is also a great place to build that know, like and trust that can not only turn into great customers but also new recruits for the business.

Nuskin Expectation and Reality

Another key to the business is shout-outs. This is where reps will reach out to people in their network and ask them to do a copy and paste post tagging the distributor about a certain product. This is quick and easy and is not involved like a party. But, it also helps reach people outside your immediate net. Then as those people join your beauty group or make a purchase, you can also ask them to do a shout-out which expands your reach even further and is a great way to reach more potential customers.

Federal Trade Commission and Nu Skin: The Lowdown

It’s true; when many hear "MLM", eyebrows raise. The concept of multi-level marketing can be met with hesitation, largely due to the stories of false promises and elusive success that often circulate. But let's balance the scale a bit. Multi-level marketing companies, like Nu Skin, offer individuals a rare chance to carve out their own business empire without the overwhelming expenses and risks typically associated with starting a venture from scratch.

Now, let’s unravel the layers: Nu Skin, a seasoned player in the MLM arena, has been on this journey for decades. Their history with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is no secret. And yes, like many big corporations, they've encountered bumps on the road. They've faced scrutiny and have had to rectify certain false claims. However, what stands out is their commitment to adapt, evolve, and ensure their operations are in line with FTC standards. Their continuous effort to uphold integrity showcases the company's dedication to its distributors and consumers alike.

If you decide to embrace the Nu Skin journey, one thing should be etched in gold: honesty. Always lead with transparency and genuine passion when sharing the wonders of Nu Skin, ensuring that your reputation and the company's legacy remain untarnished.

Breaking Down the Nu Skin Compensation Plan

The Nu Skin compensation plan is where things get really interesting. It's structured in tiers, which means the more you immerse yourself, the better the rewards. From straightforward retail profits to bonuses that can have you dancing in your living room, there's a real potential for a steady stream of income. And isn’t it exhilarating to know that every penny you earn is a testament to your own efforts? And the greatest part? It is FREE to join! Yes, you heard me, it is FREE. You don't have to pay anything to join, you don't have to buy a starter kit, you don't have a website fee, you don't have to have a monthly autoship, you don't have monthly sales quotas you either have to meet by buying the products yourself or selling them. All those things that typically turn people away from companies do not exist here. Isn't that amazing?

Nuskin Irresistible

They also have several different ways you can earn. AND you can earn without building a team. Sure, you can earn more and it is easy to earn with a team, but if that is not your jam, the way their compensation plan is set up, you can still earn great extra money just by selling. And their sales compensation is pretty extraordinary. It definitely beats most - if not all - other network marketing companies. It does make it easier to hit your group sales volume if you have a team, but that doesn't mean you can't do it without it. There are building blocks every month once you hit a certain rank and hitting those building blocks comes with additional income.

They also have great bonuses for the more you sell. They also offer a variety of opportunities for HOW you sell which really puts you in control of your own business. You can buy bulk packs that provide you a better price on the product which means more profit. But doing it this way also gives you more room to give special discounts to your customers. You can also send people right to your website. Nu Skin also offers perks for autoshipments (and autoshipments are incredibly easy to change or cancel so you don't feel locked in) which makes it easier to get customers on board.

And don't forget the trips! Nu Skin Enterprises puts up two trips a year that independent distributors can earn and they are always amazing. So, you can share amazing skincare products, make extra money and earn amazing vacations as well.

Sifting Through False Claims

With every rose comes a thorn, and in the vast world of MLMs, not every claim you hear will be rooted in reality. While many distributors sing praises of Nu Skin, outcomes can differ based on effort, strategy, and market conditions. Always do your homework and approach with both excitement and caution. Nu Skin has a lot of active distributors. But there are plenty that are inactive as well and I am sure that at least a few of them have a bone to pick with Nu Skin.

Truth about NuSkin

No company on earth can make everyone happy. You have to take those things with a grain of salt. Just because they had a bad experience does not mean you will. And who knows what all went into their bad experience. Did they have a supportive team? Did they put the work in? Did they just sit by and think that because they were a distributor that a lot of money was just going to come roll their way? No matter how great a company is, there is going to be a couple bad experiences. And there are going to be a couple of people who blame the company for their bad experience even though there were things they could have done differently or better.

Social Media: Your Nu Skin Stage

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know the power of social media in today’s world. It’s your stage to showcase the transformational tales of Nu Skin products, to share raving reviews, to broadcast live skincare sessions, and so much more. Social media is your key to reaching a lot of people and quickly and easily sharing Nu Skin's products. Social media is also a great place to put on display how much you love your side hustle with Nu Skin and recruit new distributors if you choose. An authentic online presence can skyrocket your business growth! And what I have found the best about this business is the team support. The team chats and supporting one another through engagement, it is like a beautiful sisterhood. Direct sales can certainly feel lonely - as an entrepreneurial venture can - but engaging with the team on social media help soothe that which is so nice.

Wrapping Up: Is Nu Skin Your Next Passion Project?

Reasons to be a NuSkin Distributor

Nu Skin, at its core, offers an exhilarating blend of business and beauty. Like every venture, there will be challenges, but also triumphs. If the allure of skincare speaks to your soul and you have that entrepreneurial spark, Nu Skin might be the perfect platform for you. If you want to be a part of a sisterhood, this might be perfect for you. If you want to make extra money with little risk, this is definitely a game changer and could be just what you are looking for. At the end of the day, it does take some hard work to get it started but not nearly as hard as many other things you could be doing. And the ability to make real money - and a good amount of it - is absolutely there.

Of course there are the benefits too of not having any kind of annual membership fee, no starter kit, no monthly purchase requirements or other fees. You literally have nothing to lose because you are not putting anything into it other than your time and effort. I remember when it was first offered to me, I was nervous. I said I would never do something like this again. But I am so glad I jumped in. This is my personal Nu Skin review based on my experience and about facts in the company but I can tell you after over a year with the company.

So, my gorgeous go-getters, are you all set to turn passion into profit? 💅. If this inspired you to want to get going on building your own business, I would love to help you build it. You can email me (kalii@kaliisue.com) and we can talk more or you can sign up to join my team and we can get started on building your empire!

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Kalii Roller

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